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Daniel Platt

Postdoc in pure mathematics

King's College London, office K4L.12.4
E-mail: (at)

I'm a postdoc at King's College London with a research interest in geometric analysis, applications of differential geometry to machine learning, and AI safety. I previously studied for a PhD at Imperial College where my advisors were Jason Lotay (University of Oxford) and Sir Simon Donaldson (Imperial College).

Publications and preprints

Published Publication Text
2022 K3 surfaces with two involutions and low Picard number. Joint with Dino Festi and Wim Nijgh. arXiv e-prints, arXiv:2210.14623. PDF
2022 G2 -instantons on resolutions of G2-orbifolds. arXiv e-prints, arXiv:2208.10903. PDF
2022 Group invariant machine learning by fundamental domain projections. Joint with Benjamin Aslan and David Sheard. NeurIPS 2022 proceedings. PDF
2022 Associative submanifolds in Joyce's generalised Kummer constructions. Joint with Shubham Dwivedi and Thomas Walpuski. arXiv e-prints, arXiv:2202.00522. PDF
2020 Improved Estimates for G2-structures on the Generalised Kummer Construction. arXiv e-prints, arXiv:2011.00482. PDF

Academic talks

Date Title Event Material
22-26 Apr 2024 tba Special Riemannian geometries in dimensions 6,7,8
19-23 Jun 2023 K3 surfaces with low Picard number Workshop BRIDGES: Specials geometries and gauge theories
13 Jun 2023 K3 surfaces with low Picard number Geometry Seminar at Universita degli studi di Milano
29 May 2023 tba Spinorial and Octonionic Aspects of G2 and Spin(7) Geometry Slides Video
12 May 2023 An Explicit Example of a G2-instanton on a resolution of K3×T^3/Z_2 coming from a stable bundle Gauge Seminar at Humboldt University Berlin
10 May 2023 K3 surfaces with low Picard number Geometry Seminar at Humboldt University Berlin
3 May 2023 Group invariant machine learning by fundamental domain projections University of Nottingham Online Machine Learning Seminar Video Slides
27 Apr 2023 tba King's College London Analysis Seminar
15 Nov 2022 An application of numerical techniques to rigorous proof in special holonomy Computational Differential Geometry and its Applications in Physics, Simons Center for Geometry and Physics Slides (step 2 is false as stated)
6 Oct 2022 Associatives in the generalised Kummer construction University of Waterloo Geometry Seminar
11 Sep 2022 Associatives in the generalised Kummer construction Simons Collaboration on Special Holonomy in Geometry, Analysis, and Physics: Progress and Open Problems 2022
26 Apr 2022 Associatives in the generalised Kummer construction KCL Geometry Seminar
3 Apr 2022 G2-instantons Geometric Analysis: Past, Present and Future [5] Video
7 Jan 2022 An example of a G2-instanton over (K3 × Tˆ3)/Z_2 Junior Special Geometers Meeting
17 Nov 2021 G2-instantons on resolutions of G2-orbifolds Louisiana State University Geometry Seminar
15 Sep 2021 New estimates for G2-structures on resolutions of orbifolds Simons Collaboration on Special Holonomy in Geometry, Analysis, and Physics: Progress and Open Problems 2021 Video
24/25 Jun 2021 Gluing Constructions in Gauge Theory Oxford-London Gauge Assembly
13 May 2021 Convolutions on manifolds and applications to geometric deep learning KCL/UCL Junior Geometry Seminar Video
26 Mar 2021 Elliptic Operators on Non-Compact Manifolds Imperial College Junior Geometry Seminar
27 Nov 2020 Gluing of ASD-instantons Brussels-London Geometry Research Network Lecture Series on Gauge Theory Video
24 Jun 2020 G2-instantons and Joyce-Karigiannis manifolds LMBA workshop “Special Geometries and Gauge Theory” Video
8 May 2019 G2-instantons on Joyce-Karigiannis manifolds CMO BIRS workshop “G2 Geometry and Related Topics”, Oaxaca Video
14 Dec 2018 Introduction to gauge theory Imperial College Junior Geometry Seminar, London Notes
9 May 2018 Cohomogeneity one actions on symmetric spaces, London KCL/UCL Junior Geometry Seminar
2 Feb 2017 The Tractor construction, conformal geodesics, and applications to conformal compactifications Potsdam University Geometry Seminar, Potsdam


Date Title Event Material
29 Mar 2023 A Numerically Verifiable Proof for M-theory Compactifications (Poster) Kings and Queens of Gravity pdf
1 Dec 2020 Group Invariant Machine Learning through Near-Isometries Imperial College Data Science Virtual Poster Competition pdf

Organised academic events and seminars

Date Title Link
3-7 Jul 2023 British Isles Graduate Workshop “Geometric flows and related topics ” Link (archive)
2022 KCL Geometry Seminar Link
6-8 Jan 2022 Junior Special Geometers Meeting Link
12–16 Jul 2021 London Geometry and Machine Learning Workshop Link
24–25 Sep 2020 Geometry and Machine Learning with Applications to Biomedical Engineering Link
20–21 Aug 2020 Oxford-London Gauge Assembly Link
9–15 Jun 2019 British Isles Graduate Workshop “Gauge Theory with a View to Higher Dimensions” Link
Sep 2018–Jun 2020 KCL/UCL Junior Geometry Seminar Link


Title Description Link
G2-instantons on resolutions of G2-orbifolds (PhD thesis) My PhD thesis in which I explain a new construction method for G2-instantons Link
Getting started in Machine Learning as a Pure Mathematician My personal opinions on what you should do if you're a pure mathematician that wants to get into machine learning Link
Seiberg-Witten Invariants Notes for a talk given in the London Geometric Analysis Reading Seminar Link
What is a group and why should I care? Slides for an interactive talk given in several Royal Institution Masterclasses Link
Cohomogeneity one actions on symmetric spaces of noncompact type Mini-project on the classification of cohomogeneity one actions on noncompact symmetric spaces, contains many pictures and explicit matrix calculations Link
G2-instantons on non-compact manifolds Mini-project on G2-instantons on non-compact manifolds with holonomy G2 obtained as solutions of the Hitchin flow equations Link
Conformal Geodesics in Cartan Calculus My master's thesis, giving the proof that conformal geodesics in a conformal manifold are the canonical curves in the associated Cartan geometry Link
Differentialgeometrie Lecture notes on differential geometry, written together with four other students in German Link
Gesammelte Materialien aus der Mathematischen Schülergesellschaft Course notes for a one year course in a mathematical enrichment programme featuring plane geometry, elementary number theory, combinatorial game theory, graph theory, and inequalities; in German Link